our shop front at Mary-Jane's in Bristol

Mary-Jane’s Coffee chooses Bristol for South West’s first CBD coffee shop!

Mary-Jane’s Coffee will be opening its flagship coffee shop on the vibrant Whiteladies Road, Bristol at the former Pintxo site on Friday 31st May 2019.

Bristol was selected due to its dynamic, health and socially conscious population and because its founder, Jon Antoniou (pictured) was born and raised in the South West. The shop will be serving up its signature blend of ethically sourced coffee (Mary-Jane’s Java) which has been specifically developed to infuse with CBD.

Cannabidiol (“CBD”), which has seen an explosion of users in the last year, is a naturally occurring substance extracted, together with over 100 other nutrients, from hemp plants. If taken regularly with food and/or drink it can support the body’s endocannabinoid system which helps to maintain a person’s health and balance.

Founder Jon Antoniou says “Having tried various CBD products on the market I felt that there must be a better way to take it daily than on its own. CBD tends to have a really earthy taste which frankly isn’t very appetising but infused with a Mary-Jane’s coffee it tastes amazing!”

To accompany their coffees, Mary-Jane’s will be serving up a range of locally made cakes and treats with a focus on catering for vegans, other dietary restrictions and the health conscious.

“Bristol is a real hub for healthy living and we want our products to reflect that so whether you’re gluten, lactose or nut intolerant or just believe that veganism isn’t just for January, we have options for you.”

Mary-Jane’s even caters for the non-coffee drinkers with a range of delicious smoothies and shakes, all with CBD infusion options.

“It’s believed that an estimated 300,000 people in the UK are already regularly taking CBD supplements, the majority of which are purchased on-line and, given the current unregulated nature of the industry, it can be really difficult for people to have confidence in what they’re buying” says founder, Jon Antoniou. “Some CBD products on the market have been tested and found to contain THC which is the other major compound found in the cannabis plant and which is responsible for giving a ‘high’. At Mary-Jane’s we are proud that our products are independently laboratory tested and found to contain no THC.”

Mary-Jane’s Coffee aims to bring CBD infusion to the mainstream by providing a reliable, affordable and great tasting way to take CBD daily. It will also provide a place for customers to meet and share their knowledge and experiences of using CBD.

“We wanted to ensure that we were approaching this responsibly from the outset” says shop manager Jazz Prince. “You can see this in everything we do in our shop, from our ethical product sourcing and plant-based compostable take away cups, to our energy suppliers who power our coffee machines with 100% renewable electricity. Sustainability has always been at the forefront of our decision making so that we are all striving to look after not only our customers but our planet as well.”

“It feels amazing to see my vision turned into reality and I can’t wait to see how Bristolians respond to what we’re offering.” says Jon.